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Editor’s Picks: Top Content from the Energy Advisor 2018

by Erik Brand, Publisher

The Latin America Advisor's editorial team has produced more than 50 editions of the weekly Energy Advisor this year for subscribers at many of the world's most respected companies, as well as leading universities and government agencies on four continents. I am delighted to share ten issues our team felt covered especially important developments during 2018, a remarkable year for Latin America and the Caribbean.


Will Brazil's New President Shake Up the Energy Sector?

Nov 2  |  Energy Advisor

What changes will Brazilian President-elect Jair Bolsonaro bring to the country's energy sector? How likely is it that he will move to privatize Petrobras and other state energy entitites? What policies has he proposed in relation to climate change?


Will López Obrador's Energy Strategy Boost Pemex's Output? 

Aug 17  |  Energy Advisor

Will López Obrador's promises of increased investment help accelerate Pemex's oil and gas production, and what else is needed to boost output? 


Should Colombia Promote Fracking for Oil and Gas? 

Nov 9  |  Energy Advisor

What advantages would the fracking technique bring to Colombia's oil and gas industry, and what measures should Ecopetrol take to ensure environmental safety?

Will the 'New NAFTA' Boost North America's Energy Sector? 

Oct 5  |  Energy Advisor

What are the biggest changes in the new trade deal as it pertains to energy? Which countries and which oil and gas stakeholders stand to gain or lose the most? Will the USMCA help boost intra-regional investment and energy cooperation in North America?

How do PDVSA's Legal Troubles Affect Venezuela?

Aug 24  |  Energy Advisor

What consequences do Venezuelan state-run oil company PDVSA's legal cases have on its financial struggles and the South American country's economy at large? 


What Obstacles Stand in the Way of Guyana's Oil Plans?

Sept 21  |  Energy Advisor

How well prepared is Guyana's oil sector to become a global producer by 2020? What are the main obstacles that stand in the way of Guyana's ambitions in the oil sector? How attractive is the country to foreign oil companies?


Will Argentina Reach 20 Percent Renewable Energy? 

Oct 12  |  Energy Advisor

What is the Argentine government doing to advance its clean energy ambitions, and what more should it do? Is the private sector on board with the government's plans? Will Argentina reach its renewable energy goal by 2025?


Is Latin America Prepared for More Oil Price Volatility? 

Nov 30  |  Energy Advisor

What are the forces driving global oil prices, and how are they affecting stakeholders in Latin America and the Caribbean? What is the outlook for oil prices next year? How are countries and companies in the region planning for 2019 amid fresh political and economic uncertainty?


What's Next for Electric Vehicles in Latin America? 

Feb 9  |  Energy Advisor

How extensive is electric vehicle infrastructure in the region, and which countries and cities are making it easier to own and use electric vehicles? Will new electric charging stations networks become the norm, and what has impeded their rollout, to date?


Will Ecuador's New Contracts Attract More Oil Investors?

Oct 19  |  Energy Advisor

Ecuador's government has been promoting its latest adjustments to tax regulations and contracts as market-friendly. How do the recent changes in regulation benefit foreign investors? Will the government be successful in attracting more bidders? How important is the South American country's oil and gas sector to boosting the economy?


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