La oportunidad del siglo

Member in the News: Luis Miguel Castilla

Luis Miguel Castilla, former minister of finance and economy of Peru, has published a new book titled “La oportunidad del siglo: Reformas económicas para un país más próspero y justo,” or “The opportunity of the century: Economic reforms for a more prosperous and just country.”

Luis Miguel Castilla

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Michael Shifter interviewed by CGTN Video

Coronavirus in the Americas

In this interview with CGTN America, Michael Shifter spoke with Frances Kuo about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on Latin America and the Caribbean, discussing inequality, the informal economy, and China’s presence in the region.

Michael Shifter, Frances Kuo

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A vendor in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, is pictured above.

How Can Latin America Help Its Most Vulnerable?

In what ways is Covid-19 affecting informal workers in the Americas, and which governments have implemented the best measures to protect informal sectors, both in terms of health care services and economic relief?

Santiago Levy, Betilde Muñoz-Pogossian, Sebastián Acha, Lauren M. Allen, Audriana Rodriguez, Charles T. Call

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