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Pivotal States: A New Era for U.S.-Brazil Relations?

Director of the Carnegie Endowment’s American Statecraft Program, Chris Chivvis, spoke with Margaret Myers, director of the Asia & Latin America Program at the Inter-American Dialogue, and Matias Spektor, Dialogue member, on Washington’s strategic alternatives in its relations with Brazil.

Margaret Myers

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Ricardo Zuniga, Thiago Barral, Nestor Forster Jr, Fernanda Delgado, Lisa Viscdi

Private Roundtable on US-Brazil Energy & Climate Cooperation

Energy and climate change are important aspects of the US-Brazil relationship and will only become more prominent under the Biden administration. Brazil and the US are important diplomatic and trade partners in the hemisphere, and both countries have the potential to make major contributions to combating climate change and developing more sustainable and reliable energy systems. In collaboration with FGV Energia, on February 26, the Inter-American Dialogue held a private virtual roundtable on US-Brazil energy and climate cooperation.

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Michael Camilleri speaks at an FGV event Video

The US Presidential Election and the Future of US-Brazil Relations

The Getúlio Vargas Foundation Escola de Relações Internacionais held a public online event on July 7 to discuss discuss current US-Brazil relations and implications of the upcoming US presidential election on the future of these relations. Michael Camilleri appeared as the featured speaker.

Michael Camilleri, Oliver Stuenkel

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Bolsonaro & Trump: What Lies Ahead for Brazil-US Relations?

On March 13 the Inter-American Dialogue and Johns Hopkins University´s School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) hosted a discussion on the Trump Bolsonaro summit, and what we can expect from the relationship between the new Brazilian administration and the United States.

Pedro Garmendia

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US-Brazil Relations after the Cancellation

Dilma Rousseff indefinitely postponed her October state visit to the US; however, US-Brazil relations will not likely be profoundly affected by the diplomatic row.

Timothy Stackhouse

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Rousseff Should Leave US with a Trade Deal

President Rousseff is arriving in Washington on Monday to meet the US president. Nothing particularly important will happen.

Moisés Naím

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