Women Rule South America

Would this be a more compassionate, more peaceful planet if more of it were ruled by women?

Peter Hakim

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Women and the Judiciary in the Americas: Leadership and Outcomes

We are pleased to present this report on women in judicial leadership in the Americas. In recent decades, women in Latin America and the Caribbean have made tremendous strides towards achieving leadership in every sphere and at the highest levels.

Joan Caivano, Joan D. Winship, Zaida Arguedas

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Women in the Americas

Women in Latin America and the Caribbean are making political strides. Though long impenetrable, glass ceilings over the halls of power have begun to crack.

Marifeli Pérez-Stable

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Latin American Women in Movement: Changing Politics, Changing Minds

This chapter of Civil Society and Social Movements: Building Sustainable Democracies in Latin America examines women’s social movements that emerged in the 1970s—during the dictatorships and economic crises in South America and guerrilla movements opposed to authoritarian regimes in Central America.

Joan Caivano, Thayer Hardwick

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Women and Global Leadership, report cover

Women and Global Leadership

Women and Global Leadership: Report of the Women’s Leadership Conference of the Americas. April, 2004

Joan Caivano, Peter Hakim, Geeta Rao Gupta, Virginia Bouvier

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