Online Disinformation in the United States

A policy brief exploring the nature and implications of disinformation spread in the United States, particularly surrounding the 2016 elections.

Ben Raderstorf, Michael Camilleri

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Hacking Corruption

A report analyzing the opportunities and challenges involved in utilizing new technologies to combat corruption in public procurement in Latin America.

Tamar Ziff, Maria Fernanda Pérez Argüello

Reports ˙ ˙ Hacking Corruption

Transition Interrupted?

A report analyzing the potential scenarios facing Venezuela at a critical juncture in its democratic development.

Michael Camilleri

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Police Transformation in Latin America by 2030

A new report by Dialogue fellow Kevin Casas, Paola González and Liliana Mesías analyzes the dominant trends in police behavior and organization and predicts how they will shape police forces over time.

Kevin Casas-Zamora, Paola González , Liliana Mesías

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No Strangers at the Gate 

A report presenting recommendations to countries and organizations contending with the Venezuelan migration and refugee crisis.

Michael Camilleri, Fen Osler Hampson

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Security for Sale

The rapid rise of the private security industry is an inevitable byproduct of high levels of crime and violence in the region, and brings a new set of challenges to citizen security in Latin America.

Sarah Kinosian, James Bosworth

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Rebuilding Hemispheric Consensus

A reform agenda for the Organization of American States. 

Ben Raderstorf, Michael Shifter

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Democracy in the Digital Age

A report on freedom of expression in the Americas and Europe’s ‘right to be forgotten’. 

Catalina Botero, Michael Camilleri, Carlos Cortés

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Beneath the Violence: How Insecurity Shapes Daily Life and Emigration in Central America

New research from the Inter-American Dialogue and the Latin American Public Opinion Project (LAPOP) shows how crime avoidance influences everyday behaviors and has significant consequences for education, economic opportunity, development, and the rule of law—and help explain why intentions to migrate have risen sharply in every Central American country.

Ben Raderstorf, Michael Camilleri, Carole J. Wilson, Elizabeth J. Zechmeister

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The Inter-American Human Rights System in the Trump Era

The relationship between the United States and the IACHR is historically complex, and the Trump Administration may be tempted to pull back—but engagement is still the best way to serve US strategic interests.

Michael Camilleri, Danielle Edmonds

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