• Point-based Immigration Doesn’t Add Up

    While merit-based immigration systems do have some benefits, policy-dictated quotas do not consider gaps in labor market or fiscal benefits.

    Aug 21 2017
  • Asesoría e inclusión financiera en Banco Banpro

    Este memo presenta los resultados del proyecto piloto sobre la inclusión financiera en Nicaragua en alianza con CAMINNA y Banpro/Grupo Promerica.

    Aug 18 2017
  • Migración, pobreza y remesas en Nicaragua

    Narrativas históricas de conflicto junto con una economía débil dentro del contexto de la globalización han contribuido a la migración nicaragüense.

    Aug 17 2017
  • Remesas convertidas en ahorro

    En alianza con Banpro y la Alianza para las Migraciones en Centroamérica y México, nuestro programa de inclusión financiera generó US$960,000 en ahorros.

    Aug 17 2017
  • Patterns of Central American Migration

    Historical legacies of civil war and poorly performing economies within the context of globalization have shaped Central American Migration.

    Aug 11 2017
  • Contributions of Migrants and Diaspora to All Dimensions of Sustainable Development, Including Remittances and Portability of Earned Benefits

    Migrants’ economic contributions can be successfully leveraged for development if policies consider them in relation to drivers of migration and development challenges.

    Jul 27 2017
  • Cross Border Remittances: Technology in the Origin and Innovation on the Payout

    Enabling tools that motivate remittance recipients to access and use a variety of financial services needed to increase assets is key to wealth generation.

    Jul 17 2017
  • Migrant Financial Health

    Addressing the unique financial needs of migrants will optimize the potential of their contributions and those of future generations.

    Jul 14 2017
  • Migration From Latin America and the Caribbean to the United States: Policy Options

    Migration from Latin America and the Caribbean to the United States has grown steadily over the past forty years. In addition to leaving their countries amidst political and economic hardship, the vast majority of these migrants face additional challenges to their legal status. One way to look for solutions is to consider a comprehensive approach to migration through recruitment, retention, return, relief and reform.

    Jun 30 2017
  • La incertidumbre de Centroamérica ante Trump

    Hay una ausencia de claridad acerca de cuál será la manera de trabajar con los Estados Unidos.

    Jun 8 2017