• Youth, Skills and Entrepreneurship in Latin America

    Investing in youth is one way to overcome Latin America’s current economic slowdown, but many youth lack the skills to be productive in society. How can governments invest in youth to consolidate long-term growth?

    Apr 26 2017
  • Acuerdos regionales sobre la calidad de los servicios de desarrollo infantil

    La importancia de los primeros años de vida sobre la formación del capital humano es ampliamente reconocida. ¿Cómo podemos asegurar una oferta de servicios de calidad?

    Apr 20 2017
  • The State of Skills Development in Latin America

    On March 20, 2017, the Inter-American Dialogue hosted the launch of a new report published by CAF-Development Bank of Latin America called “RED 2016: More Skills for Work and Life: the Contribution of Families, Schools, Jobs, and the Social Context,” which analyzes skill development in Latin America.

    Mar 27 2017
  • Hacia una educación de calidad en América Latina

    ¿Cuál es el estado de la calidad educativa en América Latina?

    Feb 26 2017
  • Measuring Early Childhood Development in Latin America

    Measuring early childhood development (ECD) at the national level is crucial for informing policy-making and for evaluating ECD programs in Latin America.

    Dec 14 2016
  • Workforce Training in Latin America

    The low skills levels of Latin America’s workforce have led to productivity issues that limit the region’s growth potential.

    Dec 6 2016
  • School Reintegration for Vulnerable Youth

    While access to education in Latin America has increased significantly, school dropout remains a critical issue, particularly among the vulnerable youth.

    Dec 1 2016
  • CIEPLAN Celebrates 40th Anniversary

    CIEPLAN, one of Chile’s (and Latin America’s) leading think tanks, celebrated its 40th anniversary on November 7th in Santiago

    Nov 29 2016
  • Lançamento de relatório sobre educação de qualidade

    Seis áreas prioritárias para transformar a qualidade da educação na América Latina são analisadas no relatório “Construindo uma Educação de…

    Nov 29 2016
  • The Skills Development Challenge in Latin America

    The lack of adequate skills represents a bottleneck to productivity growth and to the ability of workers to obtain gainful employment in Latin America.

    Oct 21 2016