Overview – Think Tank Haiti (TTH)

TTH was developed to achieve four interdependent goals that, together, help build a long-term capacity for public policy research and instruction in Haiti: 

  • Assemble a network of Haitian policy scholars and researchers to produce a targeted and high-quality analysis of the principal obstacles to political and economic development in Haiti and present practical policy proposals to build a better future for the country and its people. 
  • Draw sustained and high-level attention, both from inside and outside of Haiti, to the problems and opportunities for the nation and work toward consensus on what should be done to effectively resolve them. 
  • Integrate training and professionalization of research into all TTH activities and begin the task of building a new generation of policy-oriented professionals and scholars. 
  • Lay the groundwork to establish a high-quality policy studies center at Université Quisqueya and create other opportunities to construct a stronger and wider Haitian capacity for research, dissemination, and providing answers to technical problems in Haiti.