• Can Anyone Save Venezuela?

    An economic and humanitarian crisis, precipitated by the Maduro regime, has brought Venezuela to the brink of collapse.

    Aug 4 2017
  • PREAL Report Card: Education in Honduras 2017

    What are the most pressing challenges for the Honduran education system? The launch of the 2017 PREAL Report Card on Honduras

    Aug 3 2017
  • Is Maduro Turning Venezuela Into a Dictatorship?

    The 545 delegates of Venezuela’s powerful “constituent assembly,” which will have the ability not only to rewrite the country’s Constitution, but also to overrule other government institutions, began receiving their credentials in early August. The opposition and several foreign governments widely denounced Sunday’s vote to elect the body, which President Nicolás Maduro says is needed to solve the country’s political and economic crises, but opponents see as an effort by Maduro to increase his power. Has Venezuela become a dictatorship that is sliding into civil war, as some analysts have asserted?

    Aug 3 2017
  • El rol de Estados Unidos y la comunidad internacional en Venezuela

    En este panel de expertos de ‘Choque de Opiniones’ para CNN, Michael Camilleri debate el impacto de las sanciones sobre Venezuela, el rol de Estados Unidos y la comunidad internacional, y la legitimidad democrática del voto sobre la asamblea constituyente del 30 de julio. 

    Aug 3 2017
  • The Anatomy of a Crisis: On the Ground in Venezuela

    Is the constituent assembly the real turning point in Venezuela’s crisis? The International Crisis Group’s Phil Gunson reports the view from Caracas.

    Aug 1 2017
  • Venezuela After the Constituent Assembly

    The constituyente could set the stage for the Maduro government to consolidate its power, criminalize the opposition, and usher in a new and even darker phase in Venezuela’s crisis.

    Aug 1 2017
  • US-Mexico Relations in Flux

    US-Mexico relations in the Trump era are fragile and likely to remain tumultuous according to Andrés Rozental.

    Aug 1 2017
  • Maduro’s Power Grab

    Michael Shifter joined BBC World News America on July 27 to discuss the then-upcoming Constituyente in Venezuela. Shifter talked about this vote as one of the main watershed moments in the almost 20 years of Chavismo in the Bolivarian country. Furthermore, Shifter spoke on the rationale behind President Maduro’s decision to hold this unconstitutional vote. The interview concluded with a conversation about the current state of the Venezuelan economy as it continues to worsen each day the political crisis continues.

    Aug 1 2017
  • Challenges to electricity access in Colombia

    Providing reliable, clean energy to Colombia’s growing population will be a tremendous challenge in the coming years, especially in light of the peace process with the FARC.

    Jul 31 2017
  • ¿Cuál es el estado de la educación en Honduras?

    El nuevo Informe de Progreso Educativo de Honduras captura los avances y desafíos del sistema educativo hondureño de los últimos siete años

    Jul 31 2017
  • “Money is the Mother’s Milk of Politics”

    An interview with Peter Hakim about the impacts of Lava Jato, Brazil’s political polarization, and the country’s role in the international community

    Jul 28 2017
  • Contributions of Migrants and Diaspora to All Dimensions of Sustainable Development, Including Remittances and Portability of Earned Benefits

    Migrants’ economic contributions can be successfully leveraged for development if policies consider them in relation to drivers of migration and development challenges.

    Jul 27 2017
  • Will the G20 Shift Its Focus to Latin America’s Interests?

    The Latin American G20 member countries have historically struggled to put forward a common platform, analysts have noted, which has led to difficulties in incorporating Latin American priorities into the larger agenda of the summit. How well were the interests of Mexico, Argentina and Brazil represented in Hamburg?

    Jul 24 2017
  • Could Venezuela’s Oil Sector Survive U.S. Sanctions?

    The administration of U.S. President Donald Trump is mulling possible sanctions on Venezuela’s energy sector, including on state-run oil company PDVSA, Reuters reported in June. Approximately 8 percent of U.S. oil imports in March came from Venezuela, the third-largest oil supplier to the United States. What would happen if the United States stopped buying oil from Venezuela?

    Jul 21 2017
  • Lessons from Brazil: Crisis, Corruption, and Global Cooperation

    A candid discussion on the Brazilian experience and ways to improve international cooperation against corruption, featuring Brazil’s Prosecutor General and the Acting US Assistant Attorney General

    Jul 20 2017