• Prospects for expanding US natural gas exports to Latin America

    Energy continues to be a bright spot in the US-Latin America relationship and new developments, like an uptick in US LNG exports, offer opportunities to increase energy security and cooperation across the Western Hemisphere.

    Dec 20 2017
  • What Can Chileans Expect From Piñera’s Return?

    Former Chilean President Sebastián Piñera on Sunday defeated his opponent Alejandro Guillier in the country’s presidential runoff election. To what can Piñera attribute his victory?

    Dec 19 2017
  • 迎接中墨“蜜月期”


    Dec 18 2017
  • Piñera’s Election Victory in Chile

    Chile looked to the past to pick its future leader. Former President Sebastian Pinera is the projected winner of a presidential runoff election. With nearly all the votes counted, his challenger Alejandro Guillier conceded and congratulated the conservative billionaire on his victory. Michael Shifter, president of the Inter-American Dialogue, discusses with CGTN’s Susan Roberts.

    Dec 18 2017
  • How Much Is Poor Health Costing Latin America?

    Every year in the Americas, noncommunicable diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, respiratory diseases and diabetes, cause four out of every five deaths, with that figure only expected to grow in the coming decades, according to the Pan American Health Organization. Are governments in the region focusing enough on preventing and treating lifestyle diseases, and how can they pay for those efforts?

    Dec 15 2017
  • Cuba-US Relations during Trump’s First Year

    In this interview with BBC World News, Michael Shifter discusses the current state of relations between the US and the island nation, what we know so far regarding the sonic attacks to US diplomats in Havana, and what we can expect after the 2018 change of leadership if Cuba.

    Dec 15 2017
  • China’s Belt and Road: What Role for Latin America?

    On December 11, the Dialogue’s Latin America and the World program convened a panel of experts to consider Latin America’s potential role in the Belt and Road Initiative.

    Dec 14 2017
  • 30th Meeting of the Working Group on Latin America

    Dating back to 2001, the Working Group is one of the longest-running and most successful initiatives at the Dialogue.

    Dec 13 2017
  • La política polarizada de Colombia

    El jueves 8 de diciembre, el Diálogo mantuvo un conversatorio público con los analistas colombianos Marta Lucía Ramírez, Catalina Botero, Fernando Cepeda, y Rodrigo Pardo.

    Dec 13 2017
  • Mauricio Macri at Mid-Term: A Conversation with Carlos Pagni

    El 10 de diciembre, Mauricio Macri cumplió dos años como Presidente de Argentina. Para realizar un análisis sobre su presidencia, el jueves 7 de diciembre El Diálogo tuvo la oportunidad de presentar al periodista argentino Carlos Pagni, uno de los analistas políticos más influyentes ante la opinión pública de su país.

    Dec 13 2017
  • Sexual & Reproductive Rights in Latin America & the Caribbean: Where Are We Now?

    On December 6th, the Inter-American Dialogue hosted a half-day session on “Sexual & Reproductive Rights in Latin America & the Caribbean: Where Are We Now” in partnership with the Center for Reproductive Rights and the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law.

    Dec 13 2017
  • In Memoriam: Roberto Baquerizo

    The Inter-American Dialogue mourns the loss of Board member Roberto Baquerizo.

    Dec 12 2017
  • China’s ‘Period of Strategic Opportunity’ in Mexico

    In recent months, Beijing has launched an unprecedented charm offensive in Mexico, including a series of investments and renewed talk of a bilateral trade pact, among other forms of outreach.

    Dec 8 2017
  • Who Has the Edge in Chile’s Presidential Race?

    Conservative presidential candidate Sebastián Piñera, who led Chile from 2010 to 2014, on Dec. 17 will face off against center-leftist Alejandro Guillier in a runoff that polls suggest will be very close. Who will win and why?

    Dec 8 2017
  • Pen, pencil, paper: School resources in Chile

    How can Chile use school resources more effectively to ensure educational equity, strengthen leadership and improve teaching?

    Dec 6 2017