• Diálogo Interamericano profundiza su trabajo en desarrollo infantil

    El Diálogo Interamericano está liderando una iniciativa para monitorear los avances en la región en materia de primera infancia.

    May 24 2018
  • Member in the News: Carla A. Hills

    Carla Hills, the lead US architect of the original NAFTA trade agreement, gave an interview with NPR regarding the new negotiations.

    May 23 2018
  • Will Colombia Make Peace With Its Peace Deal?

    As the first Colombian election after the historic signing of the peace deal approaches, the good news is that the conflict has blessedly ended, but the implementation of the accord has been complicated and contentious. It does not help that the political establishment stands fractured and discredited. The risk is that the country’s unsettled politics could upend the peace.

    May 23 2018
  • Shifter: “De EE. UU. se pueden esperar más sanciones”

    En entrevista con NTN24 Michael Shifter indicó que la reelección de Maduro, en unos comicios considerados como “fraudulentos” por la comunidad internacional, podría traer más sanciones por parte del Gobierno estadounidense.

    May 23 2018
  • What Does Sunday’s Election Say About Venezuela’s Future?

    Another term for Nicolas Maduro offers little hope for the sort of changes needed to address Venezuela’s crisis.

    May 22 2018
  • Maduro’s re-election & Venezuela’s flailing economy

    CGTN’s Rachelle Akuffo spoke to Michael Shifter about the effect Maduro’s re-election could have on Venezuela’s already flailing economy.

    May 22 2018
  • GNL en las Américas

    El Mercado global de gas natural está cambiando drásticamente como resultado de un increment en la producción de esquisto (Shale) en los Estados Unidos.

    May 16 2018
  • Are Mexico’s Banks Doing Enough to Fight Cybercrime?

    Thieves recently stole $15 million from Mexican banks … online. Can they be stopped?

    May 16 2018
  • Anticipating the Mexican Elections

    On May 11, the Inter-American Dialogue hosted an event titled “Anticipating the Mexican Elections”. This discussion, moderated by Michael Shifter, featured panelists Shannon O’Neil from the Council on Foreign Relations, Juan Pablo del Valle from Mexichem, and Enrique Bravo-Escobar from the National Endowment for Democracy.

    May 15 2018
  • Recent Trends in Central American Migration

    Though migration has continued, it has done so at a declining rate. In fact, overall growth in the migrant population in the United States has been offset by large numbers of deportations. This memo analyzes recent trends in Central American migration, starting with a brief historical context and moving on to current developments. It considers geographical divisions, reasons for migrating, and growth in the overall migrant population. It also addresses why the numbers of apprehensions are different from the numbers of people migrating. Finally, it considers implications of these current trends for Central American countries.

    May 14 2018
  • Will Coal Soon Be History in Latin America?

    While never a major source of power generation for most of Latin America and the Caribbean, the future of coal in the region is more complex than many people might expect.

    May 11 2018
  • Protests in Nicaragua: What’s Next?

    Addressing the widespread demonstrations taking place in Nicaragua, the panelists discussed the causes of the protests as well as their future implications.

    May 11 2018
  • Can Argentina’s Macri Prevent an Economic Crisis?

    What is behind the slide in the Argentine peso, and what more can the central bank do to address the problem? Is Macri making the right move by seeking help from the IMF, or will he pay a political price at home for embracing the Washington-based lender? Is Argentina at risk of falling into a full-blown financial and economic crisis this year?

    May 11 2018
  • For Cuba’s Díaz-Canel, the Party Has Just Begun

    Cuba has a new head of state in President Miguel Díaz-Canel. However, the residual power of the revolutionary generation means the rejuvenation of the island’s political elite is only getting started.

    May 11 2018
  • Argentina: Will the IMF Save or Doom Macri’s Reform Agenda?

    Argentina’s turn to the IMF to relieve pressure on the peso carries significant political risks for the president.

    May 9 2018