Regional Network to Measure Childhood Development

Having systems for measuring childhood development is fundamental for the formulation of plans and programs of action in the region that will make it possible to be more efficient in resource management for each country.

REMDI is a regional network of specialists that seeks to promote and facilitate current and future measurement efforts so that all Latin American countries have clear, technically sound mechanisms for evaluating childhood development at the national level which allows for comparisons between countries as well as between population subgroups within a country.

REMDI is made up of members from governments, academia, non-governmental organizations, and international organizations. Currently, the four governments of the region that are part of the REMDI advisory board are Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Uruguay.


Promote a common approach in the region to the measurement of childhood development, involving regular and periodic national childhood development surveys. This will make it possible to have quality population diagnoses that guide early childhood policies in the region.


  • Facilitate access to information from surveys on longitudinal studies, populations, evaluation of child development programs and services, among others, as well as instruments for measuring childhood development.
  • Promote the exchange of lessons learned from ongoing efforts in various countries of the region.
  • Promote the development and dissemination of common materials and outlines for both the measurement of childhood development and the analysis and use of information.
  • To develop opportunities for technical assistance to countries that require it


The idea of the Regional Network was conceived as part of an effort within Agreement 3 of the Regional Agenda for Integrated Early Childhood Development during the seminar on Child Development in Latin America: Challenges for Measurement and Policy Responses on 27 and 28 May 2019 in Uruguay. Read the report on the seminar here.


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REMDI compiled more than 30 surveys and instruments for measuring childhood development and created a platform that summarizes the information found in over 17 countries in Latin America. Access the platform here.

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