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The Inter-American Dialogue closely examines Latin America’s evolving relationship with countries outside the Western Hemisphere as well as its expanding global influence. 

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The G20 in Buenos Aires Will Disappoint–But Not All Is Lost

In the annual meeting of the world’s largest economies, which starts on Friday in Argentina, it seemed that Latin America and its most pressing concerns – such as the crisis in Venezuela – would be the priorities. However, it is now clear that the current complex global dynamic will dominate.


¿Protege Trump a Arabia Saudita?

Lisa Viscidi, directora del programa de Energía, Cambio Climático e Industrias Extractoras del Diálogo Interamericano comenta con Gustau Algret para Poder Latino de NTN24 sobre la desaparición del periodista saudí Jamal Khashoggi y las consecuencias del poder petrolero de Arabia Saudita.

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Count me as one of the skeptics that [Bolsonaro saying he would be open to discussing establishing U.S. military bases in Brazil to contain Russian interference in Venezuela] is going to amount to more than theater and rhetoric. They may do a lot of posturing and grandstanding together that will make them feel good and tough and like powerful guys. But what does that amount to in the end? I don’t know that this is the kind of romance that leads to anything concrete.
The G-20 summit features high drama on the turbulent global stage, with U.S. President Donald Trump, China’s Xi Jinping and Russia’s Vladimir Putin playing leading roles.