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Shifting Gears: Chinese Finance in LAC, 2020

China Development Bank and the Export-Import Bank of China issued no new finance to Latin American and Caribbean governments or state-run companies in 2020.

Margaret Myers, Rebecca Ray

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Myers: “China is focusing activity in a few strategic sectors”

In an interview BBC’s The Real Story, Margaret Myers considered prospects for US-China-Latin America relations in the coming years, taking into account global trends and the Biden administration’s likely take on China’s growing global role. 

Margaret Myers

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Xi Jinping at BRICS Summit

China’s Quiet Play for Latin America

China will keep winning friends from Chile to Mexico, regardless of a forthcoming shift in US policy toward the region.

Margaret Myers

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Joe Biden

Victoria de Joe Biden en las elecciones estadounidenses

Después de una divisiva campaña y un año electoral sin precedentes marcado por la pandemia Covid-19, Joe Biden ha resultado vencedor en las elecciones presidenciales de Estados Unidos y se convertirá en el 46º presidente de los Estados Unidos. ¿Qué implicaciones tendrá su presidencia para la política exterior de Estados Unidos, particularmente en América Latina? 

Michael Shifter, Michael Camilleri, Margaret Myers, Lisa Viscidi

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