Press Mentions

There has been a reassessment both on the part of the Chinese government and within the banks themselves of how to do business [in the Latin America and Caribbean region] . . . Latin American and Caribbean nations are managing an increasingly challenging balance between measuring China's geopolitical and economic interests, their own needs and reactions from the United States . . . 
There was this sort of love affair with Lula that I'd never really seen - certainly not with any other Latin American presidents and few others (...) so [Lula's upcoming state visit to China] will be [viewed as] a bit of a homecoming and an effort to demonstrate that [the Sino-Brazilian] relationship is not only alive and well but thriving (...), he will be met with a lot of excitement.
Considerando o modo como Putin tem buscado aumentar suas posições na guerra agora, acredito que o governo Biden não vê Putin pronto para negociar nada. Há um grau de ceticismo com o que a Rússia está dizendo em relação à sugestão do Brasil de criar um grupo de mediadores mais neutros.
The attrition rate [of the Haitian National Police] is not only depleting the ranks but is a reflection of the frustrations and growing distrust with senior leadership and political leadership — that is a very serious problem.
O Brasil atua com destaque nessas áreas e continuará a ser um importante parceiro comercial e destino de investimentos chineses. . . . Com Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, um aliado ideológico, novamente no comando do Brasil, as perspectivas de cooperação na transição energética - uma área de interesse prioritário para a China - podem ter impulso em um nível que nunca tiveram.  
Many expect the [China - Latin America] relationship to always stay the same. But this overlooks structural issues in China, such as a domestic property slump and the fallout from a trade war with the United States. There are already signs that China’s engagement with some parts of the region is weakening.
We cannot look at all this with fatalism and say that [Haiti] is cursed. It is not cursed. It carries within it men and women of very strong will, who have even worked very hard to find a Haitian solution — but who also realize that they cannot achieve it alone.
Lula originally envisioned BRICS as an effort to assert developing nation independence over the US dollar in trade relations. The goal was and continues to be upheld by China in countless policy documents and speeches, even more so now than when the BRICS grouping was established.