Press Mentions

Friedrich Trump (Donald Trump’s grandfather) came to the country during the big wave of German immigration to the United States. The 1880s to the early 1900s was a period of high immigration for young migrants under adult age. Immigrants, particularly Northern Europeans, were not only welcome; they were needed.
The deteriorating economy is weakening Ortega. The government spends $10 million a day on payroll and maintenance, an unsustainable sum at a time when the crisis has sapped tax revenue. The economy is already operating at two-thirds or even half capacity. The multiplier effect of that slowdown is already dire.
The state [in Central America] has become so fragile, that organized crime groups have taken control of big chunks of their territory. People live in fear of murder and extortion by the gangs.
Para muchos, el pedido [de AMLO] de amnistía para los jefes narcotraficantes hace unos meses fue bastante alarmante. Aunque el discurso de AMLO se moderó notablemente sigue generando considerable incertidumbre.
[Tanto AMLO como Trump] son nacionalistas que protestaron contra el orden establecido y los partidos políticos tradicionales. No están interesados en aprender detalles de las políticas. Han mostrado intolerancia.
Se espera que un gobierno de AMLO sea menos complaciente en general con las demandas del presidente Donald Trump y con sus declaraciones agresivas e insultantes sobre México y los mexicanos.
[Lopez Obrador] seems to suggest that attacking poverty and generating jobs will be enough to reduce high levels of violence. That view is simplistic and problematic and ignores available evidence on crime and violence. It overlooks the scale and complexity of the challenge.
[Lopez Obrador] seems to have backed off a bit on his call for amnesty for cartel bosses. At the same time, there is no indication that he has a sound policy proposal to deal with Mexico’s serious security problem.
Creo que [en México] la izquierda, la derecha y el centro, todos están a favor de las energías renovables. De hecho, la izquierda en América Latina no necesariamente tiene un buen récord ambiental, su enfoque más bien ha sido de nacionalismo y de nacionalizar los recursos como el petróleo.
[Duque] will have to make some adjustments to the accord, if only to placate Uribe and other hard-liners and avoid being labeled a traitor. But these could be relatively modest and not put the entire peace effort at risk.