Press Mentions

Maduro will want to demonstrate that he remains in charge, even as the Trump administration undermines him with its decision Wednesday to recognize Venezuelan National Assembly Leader Juan Guaidó as the interim president.
Back in 2002, the [Venezuelan] opposition was dominated by pot-banging members of the bourgeoisie, but these days — a crucial difference — it cuts across all strata of society.  It’s not just the middle class, it’s much broader and much deeper.
Maduro inherited an impossible situation. Although Maduro tried to continue Chávez’s controversial social programs, his government suffered from outright mismanagement and increased corruption. Criminality is prominent.
The [Maduro] regime is going to show force, and it’s been successful at intimidating the opposition and instilling fear. Under both Chávez and Maduro, they haven’t been good at governing, but they’ve been very good at dividing the opposition—that is the one thing they’ve done consistently well.
This highlights the enormous risks of having parallel governments [in Venezuela]. The situation has put the U.S. and the embassy staff in a very difficult position. If the diplomats do not leave, they could face considerable danger. Yes, it could get ugly. And yet, if they do leave, that would deflate Guaidó.
In Washington, there is this scenario that all of this [in Venezuela] is going to end up in a transitional government and that the regime will somehow collapse. I think there has to be a bridge to get from one side of the river to the other; they’re making a leap that is not entirely clear.
[Juan Guaido] is a very appealing figure of the opposition. He's emerged, he was totally unknown just two weeks ago and he has emerged as a very interesting figure. Whether he is going to be the savior of Venezuela remains to be seen.
There is no doubt that this new leadership of the Brazilian government on Venezuelan issues will be well seen in the US, as this is the US priority for the region. It remains to be seen what Brazil will do about this proximity between Brasilia and Washington. So far it is not clear what the strategy of the new government is.
Não há dúvidas de que essa nova liderança do governo brasileiro em temas da Venezuela será bem vista nos EUA, pois essa é a prioridade americana para a região. Resta saber o que o Brasil fará desta proximidade entre Brasília e Washington. Até agora não está claro qual é a estratégia do novo governo.