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Will Tougher Tactics Improve Security in Peru?

Peruvian President Dina Boularte has sought to toughen security measures in the Andean nation. // File Photo: Peruvian Government.

Peru’s Congress is considering legislation, proposed by President Dina Boluarte, that would allow the government to rule by decree on security matters. Boluarte also declared a state of emergency in multiple districts in September, allowing the military to be deployed to assist in police operations. At the same time, Peru’s attorney general’s office is currently investigating Boluarte’s administration for alleged crimes in its crackdown on protesters. What safeguards exist to ensure that expanded state power won’t be abused? Can these new approaches to security turn Boularte’s beleaguered presidency and low approval ratings around? To what extent is her shift on security measures indicative of a growing regional trend favoring militarization of the police?

Luis Miguel Castilla, former Peruvian minister of economy and finance: “Crime and insecurity are top concerns among Peruvians. One in four adults who live in urban areas has fallen victim to some criminal act. The situation is even worse in Lima, where the percentage of victimization exceeds one-third of the population. Boluarte’s government is attempting to tackle this situation by undertaking harsher policies such as decreeing states of emergency in crime-prone districts, cracking down on organized crime and hardening policies against illegal migrants. Congress has not been supportive enough and just recently censured Peru’s interior minister for his alleged failure in dealing with the security crisis, adding further instability to a weak and beleaguered government. The large turnover rate of…”

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