Yukun Tong

China |  Intern, Asia & Latin America


Yukun Tong is a first-year Master of Arts in International Relations candidate at Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), focusing on U.S.-China relations and Chinese foreign policy under Xi, with a growing interest in Latin America and China-Latin America relations. Yukun graduated from The Ohio State University magna cum laude in May 2021 with a B.A. in international studies and a minor in economics.

Yukun was born in Ningbo, a major port, industrial, and cultural hub of China, where the city’s internationalization, diversity, and inclusion shaped his perception of the world. Yukun is passionate about improving the future of U.S.-China relations as he believes a peaceful and constructive bilateral relationship is vital to geopolitical security and international stability. He is currently a program intern at the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations and a research intern at the Asia and Latin America Program at the Inter-American Dialogue. Yukun previously served as an intern at the Brookings Institution John L. Thornton China Center, Foreign Affairs Office of Ningbo Municipal Government, Greater Columbus Chinese Chamber of Commerce, and Institute of International Relations of China Foreign Affairs University. The various internship experiences have helped Yukun gain first-hand experience in researching and analyzing US-China relations and strengthening China’s diplomatic and trade relations with foreign countries.

At Johns Hopkins SAIS, Yukun serves as the moderator for the US-China dialogue. In his spare time, Yukun enjoys traveling. Through his journeys to 35 countries, including 10 Latin American countries, he has acquired a deeper understanding of culture and identity and gained an invaluable multi-cultural perspective. Yukun’s international experience inspired him to appreciate the interconnectedness of the world and the diversity and ethical dimension of international affairs.