Yannig Dussart

Belgium |  Early Childhood Development Manager, UNICEF Regional Office of Latin America and the Caribbean


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Yannig Dussart is the early childhood development manager at UNICEF’s Regional Office of Latin America and the Caribbean. He worked in several countries with UNICEF, where he was responsible for coordinating their respective education sectors. He supported the completion and implementation of various strategies for early childhood policies, the prevention against violence in schools, and a high caliber inclusive education. He has worked as an educator at the University of Brussels (ULB), specializing in didactics and organizational psychology. He has a special interest in children’s rights, particularly the right to quality education in contexts of emergency and vulnerable situations.

Dussart has a degree in psychology, a master’s degree in psychology, sociology, and anthropology, and a doctoral degree in advanced studies in psychology, all from the University of Brussels (ULB).

Dussart was an event speaker at the Dialogue.

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