Yajaira Bastardo

Venezuela |  Professor of Pharmacoeconomics and Pharmacy Administration, Central University of Venezuela


Dr. Yajaira Bastardo is professor of Pharmacoeconomics and Pharmacy Administration at the Central University of Venezuela in Caracas. She also teaches graduate courses in Pharmacoeconomics in the Sanitary Surveillance of Medicines Program at the National Health Institute “Rafael Rangel” in Caracas.

She has also occupied several positions in the School of Pharmacy at the Central University of Venezuela including administrative director, chair of the Administrative and Legal Department, chair of Patient and Community Information, coordinator of the Health Care and Applied Microbiology Undergraduate Programs, chair of Applied Microbiology, and chief of the Microbiology Culture Media Section.

Bastardo’s primary research interests include quality of life, pharmacoeconomics, health care decision making and adherence, and she has conducted research and published work related to health outcomes. 

She is founding member of ISPOR Latin America Consortium and was the founding president of the ISPOR Venezuela Regional Chapter. Currently, she is chair of Latin America Consortium Executive Committee (2020-2022).

Bastardo received a BSc (Pharmacy) degree from Central University of Venezuela and completed a Ph.D. in Pharmacy Health Care Administration at the University of Florida.

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