Verónica Spross de Rivera

Guatemala  |  Executive Director, Empresarios por la Educación


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Verónica Spross de Rivera is the executive director of Empresarios por la Educación and an associate researcher at the Centro de Investigaciones Económicas Nacionales (CIEN). From her role in Empresarios por la Educación, she coordinates the Latin American Network for Education (REDUCA in Spanish), conformed by organizations from 16 countries that carry out actions to improve education for the benefit of millions of children and young people, who with a relevant, quality education that enables them to develop 21st-century skills may have a brighter future. She has participated as a consultant in Guatemala’s Economic and Social Policy Guidelines on education and social security issues.

Spross de Rivera has a degree in business administration and a master’s degree in economics from Universidad Francisco Marroquín, where she is also a professor.

Verónica Spross de Rivera was an event speaker at the Dialogue.

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