Tulio Vera

Chile |  Interim President & Chief Executive Officer, Global Americans


Tulio P. Vera is the interim president and chief executive officer of Global Americans, a think-tank based in Washington, DC that specializes in politics, diplomacy, development, and human rights in the Western Hemisphere. Additionally, he is a member of the organization’s board of directors and serves as the chair of its International Advisory Council.

With a background in policy and financial markets, Vera specializes in emerging markets (EM) and possesses expertise in macroeconomics, country risk, and debt, interest-rate, and currency markets in EM. Throughout his career, Vera has held various positions, including chief investment strategist at JP Morgan and portfolio manager at Millennium Management. He is also actively involved in media and public-speaking engagements, and currently undertakes financial advisory assignments.

Vera was an event speaker at the Dialogue.

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