Tania Sutin

Chile |  Head of Future of Work and Social Innovation, Kodea


Tania Sutin joined Kodea to lead projects that promote digital reskilling, technological literacy, and female digital empowerment. She currently holds the position of head of future of work and social innovation, where she seeks to provide workforce development skills, foster potential in future generations, and particularly empower women by promoting their resilience. Sutin also serves on the board of Chiletec, the association of software development companies. In 2020, Sutin was distinguished among the 20 winners in the “social” category of 100 Leading Women, a prize awarded by Emol and Women Entrepreneurs. She holds a degree in public administration from Universidad de Chile and MSc in public management from the London School of Economics and Political Science. She spent 11 years at Corfo, the Chilean Economic Development Agency, as Head of Operations and Human Capital Development. In 2012, she became head of graduate programs at Universidad Mayor, and in 2016, she joined InvestChile as Head of the Strategy and Corporate Management Division.

Sutin was an event speaker at the Dialogue.