Sonia María Pellecer Palacios

Guatemala  |  Country Coordinator , Inter-American Dialogue


Sonia joined the Dialogue in 2017 as Country Coordinator for the Opportunities for My Community Project in Guatemala. Sonia is a sociologist specializing in demographics and statistics. Prior to joining the Dialogue, Sonia worked with the IOM for 11 years carrying out research on migration, remittances, and development, as well as on migration information systems and migration management. She served as Advisor to the Vice Minister of Foreign Relations of Guatemala for migratory and consular affairs. She has conducted research on migration with the University Rafael Landívar-Guatemala.

Sonia has previously collaborated with Manuel Orozco of the Inter-American Dialogue on projects leveraging remittances for development in Latin America. She worked for 16 years at the Instituto Nacional de Estadística in Guatemala. She is a consultant on demographics and statistics for FNUAP/INE-Guatemala and other institutions.