Shekufeh Zonji

Global Technical Lead, ECDAN


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Shekufeh Zonji is the global technical lead for Early Childhood Development Action Network (ECDAN) where she spearheads key learning and strategic partnership initiatives for the network. Zonji brings her extensive experience built over fifteen years in global Early Childhood Development within the sectors of education, child Protection, and health to her current role.

Zonji has worked on solving critical challenges concerning the well-being of young children across Latin America, East Africa, and South Asia. In Afghanistan, she led the Aga Khan Foundation’s national Early Childhood Development (ECD) portfolio contributing significantly to the national pre-primary policy development. She has worked as a senior consultant on strategy and policy development, research, curriculum design, and intervention design for global think tanks and civil society organizations like BRAC and Save the Children. She also runs a design practice in collaboration with architects to design urban interventions and develop spaces for children based on studies conducted on child development.

With a degree from McMaster University in Canada in biology and psychology, specializing in cognitive science and neuroscience, Zonji also speaks 8 languages.

Zonji was an event speaker at the Dialogue.

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