Rosa Maria Cely Herrera

Colombia |  National Director of the English and Bilingualism Bachelors Degree, Fundación Universitaria Compensar


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Rosa María Cely Herrera is the national director of the English and Bilingualism Bachelors degree at Fundación Universitaria Compensar in Colombia. She has served as an educator and director of programs at different educational levels in the private sector and the government sector. She has a special interest in undergraduate, graduate, and in-service teacher training programs. As national director of the “Colombia Bilingüe” program of the Ministry of Education in her country, she contributed for 12 years to the design, development and implementation of English policies and programs for primary, secondary, and university education. Her role as an international consultant in public policy and in the construction of English and Spanish programs for governments such as Peru, Panama, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago has allowed her to contribute from her experience with the work teams of their respective Ministries of Education.

Cely Herrera was an event speaker at the Dialogue.

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English for Employment in Mexico: Realities and Challenges

The study English for Employment in Mexico: Realities and Challenges contributes to the discussions and advances on the subject. Its recommendations translate the findings of the entire study into possible mutually complementary paths, which could be implemented from different fields and scenarios.

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