Roberto Veiga González

Cuba  |  Director , Cuba Posible

+1-202-822-9002 ˙

Roberto Veiga González is a lawyer and former magazine editor. In May 2014, Veiga and his partner Lenier González founded Cuba Posible, a civil society project and platform for political dialogue and analysis in Cuba, where Veiga currently serves as Director. Cuba Posible, supported by El Centro Cristiano de Reflexión y Diálogo, serves as a space where individuals across the political spectrum can discuss national issues, both in print and at seminars. Described in the New York Times as “part forum, part online magazine, part research organization,” Cuba Posible promotes transitional change with views from a wide range of Cubans and advocates for political change without rupture while maintaining distance from the Castros’ most outspoken adversaries. Veiga previously served as editor of the Cuban Catholic magazine Espacio Laical. During their 10-year tenure at the magazine, Veiga and González fashioned the publication into a rare forum for critical and open debate, restructuring it to include essays from economists and political scientists. 

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