Ricardo Barrios

Puerto Rico  |  Program Associate, Asia & Latin America

+1-202-204-5553 ˙ rbarrios@thedialogue.org

Ricardo Barrios joined the Inter-American Dialogue in 2017 as a Program Associate in the Asia & Latin America Program, where he focuses on Chinese engagement with Latin America and political affairs.

He writes on Chinese diplomacy and foreign policy, with a focus on the Latin American region, as well as Chinese and Cuban leadership dynamics. His work has been featured in publications including The Diplomat, The National Interest, Global Americans, and The Paper. His commentary has also been featured in various media outlets including BBC, Christian Science Monitor, and O Globo. Before coming to the Dialogue, he served as legislative assistant to the President of the Senate of Puerto Rico. He also interned at the Carnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy in Beijing, China.

Barrios holds a Master’s in International Politics from Peking University. His master’s thesis explores the way the Chinese government reduces export risk for Chinese companies exporting to Cuba. He previously was awarded an Oberlin Shansi Fellowship to study Mandarin Chinese at Beijing Normal University. He received a BA from Oberlin College in Politics and East Asian Studies, with a focus on Chinese politics. He is fluent in Mandarin Chinese.

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What’s Driving New Changes in Brazil-China Trade Ties?

How has the trade dynamic between Brazil and China changed in recent years, and will trade flows increase significantly in the near future? What implications would stronger trade ties between the countries have for their other trading partners?

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No papel, as mudanças fazem muito sentido, mas não sabemos se, de fato, colocarão Cuba no caminho da China ou do Vietnã. É preciso saber se haverá vontade política. […] Esta Constituição é a chance de Miguel Díaz-Canel iniciar sua era.
The crucial factor in determining bilateral relations [between El Salvador and China] will be Bukele’s initial hold on power. A landslide victory would give him considerable leeway in how he governs... Anything short of that would leave him at the mercy of establishment figures and limit his options both domestically and internationally.