Paolo Raciti

Italy |  Project Consultant, International Commitee for Peoples' Development


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Paolo Raciti is a project advisor for the International Committee for Peoples’ Development (CISP in Spanish). As a representative of CISP, he engages in activities with the Regional Roundtable for Technical Cooperation related to the Transversal and Socioemotional Competencies (MESACTS in Spanish), which enable the work of the Technical Secretariat.

He is a researcher at the National Institute for the Analysis of Public Policy in Italy (INAPP in Spanish), a member of the INAPP research team from the department of social inclusion studying poverty and constrasting measures (Pobreza y medidas de contraste in Spanish), and focuses on evaluating and strengthening socioemotional competencies in vulnerable populations, among other areas. As a consultant for CISP, he provides technical assistance in these areas for social development programs in the Latin American region.

His research focuses on analysis of policies that combat poverty, multidimensional poverty measurement, studies of vulnerability, evaluation of socioemotional competencies from a pedagogical perspective, and creating and validating psychometric scales for such evaluations.

Raciti has a degree in writing from the Universidad La Sapienza in Rome and in education sciences from the Universidad LUMSA in Rome. He obtained his doctorate in social services from the Universidad Roma Tre.

Raciti was an event speaker at the Dialogue.

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