Mauricio Bouskela

Brazil  |  Senior Specialist, Housing and Urban Development Division, Inter-American Development Bank


Mauricio Bouskela is a Senior Specialist in the Competitiveness and Innovation Division in the Inter-American Development Bank. He joined the Bank in 2008 as a specialist in Information and Communication Technology. Mauricio has over twenty five years of successful experience working for high tech companies, including eleven years at Intel Corporation, where he was the Director for Latin America, with responsibility for technology, sales and marketing, strategic alliances and business development. Mauricio earned the “Top Achievers Intel” four times and also the “Intel Achievement Award.” He has a degree in Computer Science from the University of Campinas (Unicamp), has a postgraduate degree in Marketing from Fundação Getúlio Vargas and an MBA in Finance from the Brazilian Institute of Capital Markets (IBMEC).

Bouskela was an event speaker at the Dialogue.

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