María Eugenia Vidal

Argentina |  Former Governor, Province of Buenos Aires

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María Eugenia Vidal is an Argentine politician and former governor of the province of Buenos Aires. She is the first woman to hold this office and first non-Peronist elected for the post since 1987. A member of the PRO party and Cambiemos coalition, Vidal was previously deputy mayor of the City of Buenos Aires, serving alongside current president Mauricio Macri during his tenure as mayor. She also served as minister of social development for the city. Vidal was elected to the Buenos Aires city legislature in 2007 and has worked in several organizations in the public sector, including ANSES and the social security administration, as well as the Ministries of Social Development and Foreign Relations. Vidal holds a degree in political science from the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina.


Vidal joined the Dialogue as a Member in 2016.