Luis Miguel Bermúdez Gutiérrez

Colombia |  Pedagogical Advisor, Institute for Educational Research and Pedagogical Development


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Luis Miguel Bermúdez Gutiérrez is a pedagogical advisor at the Institute for Educational Research and Pedagogical Development (IDEP). As a researcher, Professor Bermúdez Gutiérrez is an expert on issues of gender, sexuality, sexual diversity, citizenship, human rights, education for sexuality, curriculum, and childhood. As a teacher at the Secretary of Education of Bogotá, he has implemented the Sexual Citizenship Program, with significant results in reducing early maternity and paternity and mitigating sexual and gender-based violence.

Bermúdez Gutiérrez holds a bachelor’s degree in primary education with an emphasis on social sciences from the Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas, a master’s degree in interdisciplinary social research from the same university, and a doctorate in education from the Universidad Santo Tomás. Bermúdez won the Global Teacher Award 2020 and the Compartir Award 2017 for Best Teacher in Colombia, and he was a finalist for the Global Teacher Prize 2018. 

Bermúdez Gutiérrez was an event speaker at the Dialogue. 

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