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Cuba  |  Special Project Associate, Office of the President, Inter-American Dialogue

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Lenier González is a Special Project Associate in the Office of the President at the Inter-American Dialogue. He was vice editor of the socio-political analysis magazine Espacio Laical (2005-2014) and co-founder of Cuba Posible (2015-2019), an independent think-tank that sought to influence the processes of change in Cuba by making proposals in the areas of economics, politics and international relations. González is a recognized political analyst with 15 years of work experience in non-profit organizations in Cuba, with a focus on research, analysis, and publishing. He is a published author with relevant experience conducting and managing social and political advocacy projects in Cuba, with extensive experience in editorial management and drafting public policy proposals.

González has a degree in Social Communication from the University of Havana (Cuba), and a master’s degree in Social Development from the Catholic University of Murcia (Spain).

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Havana, Cuba

Cuba: protests and paths to the future

Never before, since the revolutionary triumph of 1959, had there been in Cuba a public protest of the scale of the one that took place last Sunday, July 11. Thousands of Cubans, of all age groups and social classes, in more than 60 localities on the Island, went to the streets to express their discontent and make their voices…

˙Lenier González

Raúl Castro y Miguel Díaz-Canel

Cuba: el Congreso de la resistencia

Con la celebración del VIII Congreso del PCC se abre un nuevo ciclo histórico en la Isla, en el corto plazo, marcado por la resistencia a circunstancias adversas. Sin embargo, en el mediano y largo plazo, el nuevo liderazgo compuesto por la generación intermedia, recién llegada al poder, deberá cumplimentar un objetivo central: construir un modelo económico sustentable que traiga prosperidad material e inclusión social al pueblo de Cuba.

˙Lenier González

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