Kesner Pharel

Haiti |  Chief Executive Director, Groupe Croissance


Kesner Pharel is a Haitian economist and founder and chief executive director of the consulting firm, Groupe Croissance. Pharel began his career at the Central Bank of Haiti where he worked before he launched Group Croissance in 1994. He has also been playing a central role in the transmission of economic knowledge, especially matters concerning public finance and development investment to Haitian leaders and the population. Pharel is a regular commentator of economic issues for several radio and TV stations in Haiti, and the host of the show Rendez-Vous Economique at Radio-Tele Metropole. Pharel works closely with public institutions and municipal administrations, particularly on budgeting and development planning. He is also one of the pioneers of integrating technology in education and providing access to technology in Haiti. Through his firm, Pharel has organized numerous first-of-their-kind events in Haiti, including a technology fair, INFOTEL, an international finance conference, FinTech, both of which contributed to his goal of encouraging leaders in the public and private sectors to adopt new technologies to provide better services and increase technological access to the population. Pharel was also a lecturer for many years on money and banking at the Université d’État d’Haïti and at Université Quisqueya.

Pharel was an event speaker at the Dialogue.

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