John Walsh

United States |  Director of Drug Policy and the Andes, Washington Office on Latin America


Walsh has testified before Congress and published extensively on the need to reassess drug policy goals, strategies, and indicators. His analyses have underscored the limits of supply-oriented drug policies and the extensive damage they cause. Connecting domestic U.S. reforms to the international drug policy debate, Walsh has worked extensively on the question of Drug Treaties with relation to cannabis legalization, co-authoring the report “Cannabis Regulation and the UN Drug Treaties: Strategies for Reform”. Mr. Walsh similarly co-authored “Marijuana Legalization is an Opportunity to Modernize International Drug Treaties,” arguing that policy shifts underway in the Americas open the door to modernizing the global drug control regime. His work has contributed to the expansion of the international drug policy reform debate, and been instrumental in convening reform advocates and practitioners from across the hemisphere to discuss design and evaluation of legal, regulated cannabis.

Walsh was an event speaker at the Dialogue. 

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