Ivonne A-Baki

Ecuador |  Ambassador to the United States, Ecuador


Appointed on February 6, 2022, Ivonne A-Baki is ambassador of the Republic of Ecuador to the United States. In 1998, A-Baki was appointed as ambassador of the Republic of Ecuador to the United States of America, where she was posted until 2002. In 2002, A-Baki was a candidate for the presidency of the Republic of Ecuador. Between 2003 and 2005, A-Baki became the first woman to be posted as Ecuador’s minister of foreign trade, industry, regional integration, fisheries, and competitiveness. A-Baki has also served as a representative of Ecuador and president of the Committee of Economic Affairs at the Andean Parliament, as well as president of the Commission for Economic Affairs of the European Latin – American Parliament (EUROLAT). From September 2017 to February 2020, she was designated ambassador of Ecuador to Qatar and ambassador non-resident of Ecuador to Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Jordan, Oman, and Syria. 

 In 2001, after the tragic spill from the oil tanker Jessica in the Galapagos Islands, A-Baki created the Galapagos Conservancy Foundation which has achieved important goals to create consciousness for protecting the environment in many countries and protecting fragile species. She is a founding member and president of the Foundation. Between 2010 and 2013, she was designated as chief negotiator for the Yasuni-ITT initiative, aimed to preserve the most biodiverse place on the planet, the Yasuni National Park (located in Ecuador). From 2010 to date, she has been a goodwill ambassador for the UNESCO Dialogue of Civilizations. She was member of the board of directors of the Andean Development Corporation (CAF), president of the National Foreign Trade and Investment Council of Ecuador (COMEXI) as well as member of the board of directors of Petroecuador (the Ecuadorian National Oil Company). In 2004, A-Baki was awarded the Global Citizen Prize by the Patel Foundation for Global Understanding, shared with Muhammad Yunus. 

A-Baki studied arts at the Sorbonne University and obtained masters’ degrees in public administration and in public policy at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University in 1993. Between 1994 and 1997, A-Baki was member of the board of directors of the “Conflict Management Group” in Harvard University. She had an active participation on the achievement of the peace agreements between Ecuador and Peru, signed in October 26th, 1998 and was advisor to the president of the Republic of Ecuador during this process.

A-Baki was an event speaker at the Dialogue.

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