Isabel Espinel

Ecuador |  Academic Director, Fundación Caminitos de Luz- Escuela María Troncatti


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Isabel Espinel is the academic director of the Caminitos de Luz Foundation – Maria Troncatti School. She is part of the Teach for All global network and was the education and culture coordinator of the World Youth Alliance-Ecuador chapter. Espinel intends to generate a network of schools and colleges in Ecuador to manage community transformation processes through the promotion of autonomy and the development of skills highly correlated with quality of life. Her musical and educational background has allowed her to develop projects and focus on research, especially on the impact of education on social cohesion and development.

Espinel holds a bachelor’s degree in music from Universidad Hemisferios (Ecuador). She holds a master’s degree in interdisciplinary arts education from the University of Barcelona (Spain) and a master’s degree in social science research from the University of Navarra (Spain).

Espinel was an event speaker at the Dialogue.

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