Hans Kulenkampff

Chile |  Director for Latin America, Hinicio


Hans Kulenkampff is a chemical engineer graduated with highest distinction from the University of Concepción, Chile. Since 2016, he has led and developed dozens of prefeasibility and feasibility studies along the entire hydrogen value chain and in all three application segments: mobility, industry, and energy with a special focus on the chemical and mining industry. In 2018, Kulenkampff founded the Chilean Hydrogen Association (H2 Chile) and has served as its president ever since. As part of this role, he has been invited to participate as a speaker in more than 30 seminars, courses or conferences both nationally and internationally (including Europe, Australia, Latin America, South Korea, and Canada). In 2020, Kulenkampff joined Hinicio as manager of its new office in Santiago and since 2022 he is Director for Latin America.

Kulenkampff was a speaker at a Dialogue event.

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