Fernando Molina

Bolivia  |  Author & Journalist,


Fernando Molina is a Bolivian author and journalist. He writes widely on issues related to the history and politics of Bolivia. His works include numerous books and articles, and his writings have appeared in magazines, newspapers, and online publications in La Paz, Santiago de Chile, Bogotá, Mexico and Madrid. Molina began his higher education in social communication at Universidad Técnica de Oruro and finished his degree at Universidad Católica Boliviana in La Paz.

Molina began his journalistic career at the newspaper Presencia. He has also been a reporter and editor of La Razón, subdirector of La Prensa, and director of Nueva Economía and Pulso. Currently, Molina works as a freelancer and as a correspondent for El País. In 2012, Molina won the King of Spain’s Ibero-American Journalism Award for his article “Pensar Hispanoamérica: el inicio”.

Molina was an event speaker at the Dialogue. 

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