Felix Maradiaga

Nicaragua |  Executive Director, Instituto de Estudios Estratégicos y Políticas Públicas (IEEPP)


Felix Maradiaga is a recognized international expert in civil society and leadership development in Nicaragua. He founded in 2007 the Civil Society Leadership Institute, one of Central America’s premier training centers on civic leadership and non-violence. He is a widely published thought leader (over 45 publications, including co-authorship of 9 books), educator, and political commentator for CNN, BBC, El País, Deutsche Welle (DW TV), Al Jazeera, among others.  In 2015, the Chicago Council on Global Affairs honored him with the prestigious Gus Hart Fellowship for his outstanding contributions in social entrepreneurship and social innovation in Central America. In 2015 he was selected by Forbes Magazine as one of the top 25 most influential leaders in Central America.

Maradiaga was an event speaker at the Dialogue.

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