Esnold Jure

Haiti |  Former Program Assistant, Think Tank Haiti, Inter-American Dialogue

+1-202-822-9002 ˙ ˙

Esnold Jure joined the Inter-American Dialogue in 2022 as a program assistant for Think Tank Haiti. Jure is a current candidate for a Master of Public Policy at George Washington University’s Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration. Jure graduated summa cum laude from Paul Quinn College with a BA in Political Science. His areas of interest include democracy promotion and governance in Latin America and the Caribbean, international development and program evaluation, political economy, civil society, youth engagement, and data analysis for public policy. Jure is an alumnus of the Data and Policy Summer Scholar at the University of Chicago’s Harris School of Public Policy. 

Before joining the Dialogue, Jure interned at the Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas as a government and industry relations intern. He was also a senior fellow at the National Urban League Dallas chapter. Jure worked for several non-profit organizations in Haiti, including the Haitian Center for Leadership and Excellence. Jure speaks Haitian Creole, French, and English.