Enrique Ortiz

Peru  |  Program Director, Andes Amazon Fund


Enrique Ortiz is the program director of the Andes Amazon Fund. He was born and raised in Lima, Peru. He has been trained as a tropical ecologist, conducting research on species and ecological systems in coastal areas, deserts, highlands, and tropical forests. Ortiz co-founded the Andes-Amazon Initiative at the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the Amazon Conservation Association. He is also known for his leadership throughout Peru and Latin America in biodiversity and ecosystem conservation. For over a decade, he has been committed to funding agencies that support conservation in the Andes-Amazon region. He previously worked for the Tropical Americas Program at blue moon fund, serving as senior program officer and program director.  There, he worked alongside former US Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt and Adrian Forsyth to support domestic and international Amazon conservation groups. He currently serves as a board member of the Amazon Conservation Association and president of the Association for the Conservation of the Amazon Basin (ACCA), a leading Peruvian NGO. Ortiz also served as a board member of the National Protected Area Service (SERNANP), a division of the Peruvian Ministry of Environment, for 9 years. He holds degrees from San Marcos University and Princeton University. 

Ortiz was an event speaker at the Dialogue.

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How to Save the Amazon Rainforest

Countries in the Amazon Basin are falling behind on their targets to cut deforestation. Environmental enforcement combined with economic incentives could provide a way forward, write Lisa Viscidi and Enrique Ortiz in this op-ed.

Nearing the Tipping Point: Drivers of Deforestation in the Amazon Region

The largest tropical rainforest on the planet, the Amazon plays a critical role as a storehouse of carbon and mediator of the global water cycle and holds a greater share of the world’s known biodiversity than any other ecosystem. However, unchecked development is placing the Amazon under threat, pushing deforestation rates to near-record levels throughout the region.

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