Ed Roach

United States  |  Vice President of Regulatory Compliance and Associate General Counsel, SBA Communications


Ed Roach is Vice President of Regulatory Compliance and Associate General Counsel at SBA Communications Corporation. He is responsible for ensuring SBA’s compliance with regulations from the Federal Aviation Administration, the Federal Communications Commission, as well as those related to the National Environmental Policy Act, and the state and tribal historic preservation legislation. As part of the company’s legal counseling team, he oversees business licensing and works closely with other industry leaders in ensuring an adequate regulatory framework for the wireless telecommunications passive infrastructure. He represents SBA before the Wireless Infrastructure Association. Ed joined SBA 24 years ago when the company was starting to build out its portfolio in the United States and was part of its transformation into one of the leaders in the wireless infrastructure industry. Thanks to his experience in the United States, he has been instrumental in sharing and advocating for a regulatory framework that encourages collocation and efficient deployment of wireless infrastructure in Canada and Latin America.

Roach was an event speaker at the Dialogue. 

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