Dr. Lea Giménez

Paraguay |  Division Chief, Inter-American Development Bank


Dr. Lea Giménez is the Division Chief of the Innovation in Citizen Services program at the Inter-American Development Bank. Prior to that, she was the first woman to be appointed Minister of Finance in Paraguay in June 2017 and was also the youngest finance minister in Latin America. Until then, she joined the Ministry of Finance as Vice Minister of Economy in 2016 and worked as an Economist in the World Bank’s Poverty and Macro-Fiscal Global Practices. She led a number of programs and assisted several countries in Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean in developing and implementing policies and strategies to reduce poverty and promote equitable economic growth. Her work focused on institutional strengthening of public entities, institutional capacity building, the design and promotion of evidence-based policies, and improving the coordination across multilateral organizations to maximize the impact of their efforts. She has also served as an adjunct professor of economics at Lehigh University. 

Giménez was an event speaker at the Dialogue. 

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