Daniel Salinas

Uruguay |  Minister of Health, Uruguay


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Dr. Daniel Salinas has served as Uruguay’s minister of health since 2020. A neurologist, he has worked in numerous health centers, such as the Círculo Católico de Obreros del Uruguay, Central Hospital of the Armed Forces and Casa de Galicia. Between 2012 and 2018, Salinas served as head of the Electroencephalography Service at Vilardebó Hospital, and from 2009 to 2019 served as a member of the board of the Uruguay Medical Union Assistance Center, or CASMU, the country’s medical assistance and insurance fund.

Salinas has been a member of the directory of CASEMED (Medical Assistance and Insurance Fund) for 9 years. He has also worked in clinical practice as a physician and neurologist at the National Directorate of Health of the Armed Forces, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, SUMMUM, Universal Mutualist, House of Galicia and served as technical director in EEG Medical Electrodiagnosis.

He obtained a Master’s degree in Health Business Management, in the University of Montevideo IEEM in 2012 and a Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the OBS University of Barcelona in 2018. He also received a degree from the University of the Republic as a Doctor of Medicine in 1988, later specializing in Neurology. He also obtained two diplomas in Clinical Neurophysiology at UDELAR in the disciplines of Electroencephalography and Evoked Potentials, as well as a Latin American Diploma in Sleep Medicine from the CLAEH Faculty of Medicine.

He joined the board of directors of the Solidarity Fund as a delegate for Caja of University Professional Retirements and the Fiscal Commission of the SMU for two periods. He was treasurer of the Uruguayan Dream Association since 2017, and of the Society of Neurology of Uruguay since 2018. Salinas participated in the Organizing Committee of the Neurology Congress 2013. He was elected by the order of Graduates to the Assembly of the Cloister of Faculty of Medicine in several consecutive periods, being appointed as vice president in 2012.

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