Claudio Huepe Minoletti

Chile |  Minister of Energy, Chile


Minister Huepe holds a MBA from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and a MSc in Natural Resources and Environmental Economics from University College, London. His extensive career has been oriented to economic analysis, public policy and regulation, mainly in natural resources, energy, and sustainable development. 

His professional path in the public sector began during the government of President Patricio Aylwin, at the Environmental Unit of the Ministry of Mining, becoming Head of the unit during the mandate of President Eduardo Frei. He also served as a consultant and Head of the Studies Department of the National Energy Commission. 

His first involvement with the Ministry of Energy was as Head of the Prospective and Policy Division at the end of President Michelle Bachelet’s first mandate and at the beginning of President Sebastián Piñera’s first government. 

Recently, in addition to being an academic and Director of the Center for Energy and Sustainable Development at Universidad Diego Portales, he was part of the advisory council for the first Global Sustainability Report of the United Nations and the Chilean Council for Prospective and Strategy. 

He collaborated with the economic and energy team in the campaign of President Gabriel Boric. He is a member of the Social Convergence party. 

Huepe was an event speaker at the Dialogue.

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