Carolina Salgado Lozano

Colombia  |  Presidential Advisor, Consejería Presidencial para la Niñez y Adolescencia


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Salgado Lozano is the presidential advisor for children and adolescents in Colombia. As part of the Counselor’s Office, Salgado promotes healthy nutrition for pregnant mothers, children, and adolescents, understanding that it is vital to invest in the most powerful infrastructures for children. Salgado Lozano has extensive experience in management and strategic positions, standing out in the execution of strategies for the areas of innovation and communication. In addition, she leads the Grand Alliance for Nutrition and supports the National Alliance against Violence towards Children and Adolescents.  

Salgado Lozano holds a degree in business administration from the Universidad Externado de Colombia, where she also specialized in innovation and business development. Additionally, she holds a degree in executive leadership studies in early childhood development from Harvard University.  

Salgado Lozano was an event speaker at the Dialogue.

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