Carolina Leitao

Chile |  Mayor, Peñalolén, Chile


Carolina Leitao is the mayor of Peñalolén, Chile. She is a lawyer from the University of Chile and has been a member of the Christian Democratic Party since the time she was 18 years old. She ran for mayor of Peñalolén for the first time in 2012 and, since then, she has won the three elections. She has been part of the Peñalolén municipal team since 2004 when, from the Community and Family Management Department, she coordinated the work of relocating more than 2,300 families from the former takeover of Peñalolén. As mayor, her focus has been on generating new and innovative initiatives to improve the quality of life of the residents of the commune, particularly in matters of safety, health, education, housing, protection of the elderly, entrepreneurship, and recovery of public spaces with new sports, cultural and municipal service infrastructures.

Leitao was an event speaker at the Dialogue.