Ariela María de los Milagros Luna Florez

Peru |  Former Minister, Ministerio de Desarrollo e Inclusión Social


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Ariela Luna is a Peruvian doctor and politician specializing in public health and early childhood development. She has 30 years of experience working in public health policy, leading ministries and projects for the Peruvian government as well as the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank and a variety of international groups. 

Luna served as the minister of Development and Social Inclusion in Perú. Luna also acted as the director-general of Health Promotion and head of the cabinet of consultants at the Ministry of Health (Minsa).

Previously, Luna also worked on the technical team of the General Directorate of the Budget for the Ministry of Economy and Finance. Previously, she held the position of deputy minister of Policy and Social Evaluation at the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion and acted as a public health consultant for the Ministry of Education.

She holds several degrees including a doctorate from the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, a master’s in public health from the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredía and a degree in Anthropology from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Perú. 

Luna was an event speaker at The Dialogue.

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