Andrea Escobar Vilá

Colombia  |  Executive Director, Fundación Empresarios por la Educación


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Andrea Escobar Vilá is the executive director of the Fundación Empresarios por la Educación, an independent knowledge network created by a business alliance, which analyzes and produces information that contributes to better decision-making in the education sector. For more than 15 years, her work has been tied to the education sector in various fields, such as school curricula, technology and innovation, and communication media. Escobar has always been focused on supporting solutions and initiatives that enable education to contribute to the improvement of living conditions of children and young people in Colombia.

Escobar is a psychologist from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana with a specialization in strategic marketing from the College of Higher Administration Studies and in consumer psychology from the Konrad Lorenz University.

Escobar Vilá was an event speaker at the Dialogue.

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